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Billable Hours in 6-minute increments

Billable Hours in 6-minute increments


Praise for Billable Hours:


​“BILLABLE HOURS by Robin Dahlberg is a strenuous exercise in subtlety in the best artistic and intellectual sense." 

- John Phelon, Anamorphosis Prize juror

“You sure don’t have to be a woman to love Robin Dahlberg’s evocative photos about surviving in a man’s clubby and entitled world.” 

- Betsy West, film director and producer


“The humor in Robin Dahlberg’s photographs is so disarming that it enables us to take a fresher and more honest look at corporate power structures.”

- Anna Brown, Director of Global Diversity & Inclusion at Baker McKenzie

"What makes the book so interesting is the fact that somehow, Dahlberg was able to inject a sense of human into the work."

- Jorg Colberg, Conscientious Photography Magazine

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