Billable Hours in 6-minute increments

"One of 10 Best Books of 2016," Anouk Kruithof


Artist book, New York, New York 2016.

8 inches by 10 inches, 88 pages, 60 images.

Edition of 50.


​Shortlisted for:

Fototbookfestival Dummy Award Kassel 2016 

The Anamorphosis Prize 2016


Anamorphosis Prize juror John Phelon, on Billable Hours:

“BILLABLE HOURS by Robin Dahlberg is a strenuous exercise in subtlety in the best artistic and intellectual sense. Photographed in the unlikely but refreshing setting of a white shoe law office, the book, prima facie (at first glance) appears to be a straightforward depiction of rather banal goings on, the day to day business of billable hours; the primary revenue source of any legal firm by which law professionals charge clients for their services, right down to the minute. However, a strong argument can be made ad litem (for the case) that this book is one of timeless themes classically presented in the form of good, old-fashioned, strong photography.”

      © 2020 by Robin L. Dahlberg

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