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(Advancing towards technology)


In 2019,  I was again commissioned to work with the Boys & Girls Club of Rosebud, this time to produce artwork for a New York City festival on technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Working with Lakota scholar and artist, Suzanne Kite,  and my teaching collaborator, Josee Schryer, I used photographs made by Club youth to create a visual representation of a Lakota kinship circle welcoming technology into its midst.


The kinship circle is a 31-foot by 10-foot photographic installation that weaves together portraits, landscapes, cultural objects, and photographs of technology as it exists on the reservation. The installation was exhibited in the lobby of Live Arts New York for 10 days in November 2021.  Six Club youth traveled to New York City to attend the festival and see their photography on display.  It will be exhibited at the Dahl Art Center in Rapid City, South Dakota, in May 2024.


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